Min Ya
posted 2 months ago

Very quick and "dirty" (actually very clean) gDNA extraction

Hi all,

I have been using this very very quick gDNA extraction (<5 min) method for plants for a few years now and wanna share it here in case you find it useful. I mainly use it for Mimulus, Aquilegia, but tried it in Arabidopsis too, most likely applies to many other plants:

  1. collect the tip (~ 1cm for small leaves, ~2cm for larger leaves) of the leaf into 2.0 tube
  2. add 60 ul NaOH(0.4m) and grind it
  3. incubate at 60C for 1 min
  4. spin max speed for 1min
  5. take 1ul supernatant into 49ul tris(0.1m, ph=8; if you feel you won't get too much gDNA just lower the volume of tris)
  6. use 1-1.5 to PCR
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