Adrian Ionut Pascu
posted 9 months ago Biohacking! This is a channel focusing on genetic engineering. I also have some unboxing videos for research equipment. I plan to share both my journey in experimental and molecular biology and "how to" videos for those out there less experienced than me. Hopefully this will be useful.

Right..since I'm not going to publish this data because lack of funds I might as well share! Behaviour of promoters and terminators (S/MAR episomal vectors) in HEPG2 cells!


To develop a safe and effective gene therapy vector!

So excited and thankful to share these preliminary results. I am sharing this on youtube in more detail!

In S/MAR vector the best promoter/terminator combination to use for gene expression is Ef1A/BGH in HepG2cells.

As also demonstrated by other studies, Ef1A is a very strong promoter in S/MAR vectors in HELA, Hek293T, CHO and HEK cells.

Nick Gervais9 months ago

This is awesome! Have you considered publishing your results in a paper on BioRxiv ( Good way to get the info out there without needing money for publishing.

Adrian Ionut Pascu9 months ago

Heya! Thanks for the feedback. Is not exactly money for publishing I lack. I lack the means to repeat this in duplicate or triplicate. I have an article in peer review (modified Golden Gate Assembly) used to build all these 24 vectors. Probably will try publishing this data in a noname ISIN journal without an impact factor. my opinion this is some cool data. Never seen this in HepG2 cells. HEK293 I've observed the same behaviour when testing Ef1A and CMV promoters. Also in Hela. So for me at least..I now know what my promo/term combination will be for the gene therapy. :D

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