Ayşe Sunar
posted 5 days ago

List of Protein Kinase Pseudogenes?

Hello everyone!

I have just been made aware of this community and am very glad to finding it! So here is my question:

I'm working with a protein kinase dataset for my prject however I need to remove the protein kinase pseudogenes from the dataset. Is there a dataset where I could find the list of all of the protein kinase pseudogenes? Or a website where I could search for them? In Manning's 2002 article "The Protein Kinase Complement of the Human Genome" they say that they found 106 protein kinase pseudogenes. However I assume this list might have been updated since then.

Ron Shigeta2 days ago

its hard to be sure but pseudogenes are not actively translated to protein. so they quickly degenerate to gene fragments or have many mutations compared to active genes...

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