Nick Gervais
posted 7 months ago
Ph.D. student developing CRISPR-based technologies and studying fungal pathogenesis and drug resistance in the Shapiro Lab at the University of Guelph.

Comprehensive (?) List of sgRNA Design Websites

Hey all! I wanted to share this cool table from a new paper published yesterday in Nature from Hoberecht et al. that includes a useful list of many available sgRNA design websites/packages as well as their different functionalities (and lack thereof):

One of the sites I use most of the time is not actually listed here, the Eukaryotic Pathogen CRISPR guide RNA/DNA Design Tool ( I've had a lot of success with this one but I'm also seeing that it might be better moving forward to check out some of the new tools as well. I don't think I appreciated the range of capabilities for some of the newer software! Let me know if you have any preferences for the sgRNA design platform you use.


Thank you! the tools i've seen so far are all very much geared towards use in eukaryotes, whereas i'm more interested in sgRNA efficiency in prokaryotes if anything - i'll have to check this out!

Keith Loritz7 months ago

Excellent resource! thanks for sharing it.

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