Guy Rohkin
posted about 1 month ago
Co-Founder of Sci Find–the expert network for scientific troubleshooting.

April 20th, 11am PDT/2pm PST Discord chat. Flipping the Switch: An AMA with the “Illuminating” Dr. Phillip Kyriakakis

🧪 Get ready for an enlightening experience on optogenetics–in short, molecular switches for regulating light-controlled expression! Join us on April 20th at 11am PDT in “The Salon” Discord channel ( as we welcome Dr. Phillip Kyriakakis, Senior Research Scientist at Stanford’s Wu Tsai Institute for Neuroscience, for a live AMA, We promise it'll be a "switched-on" conversation.

Dr. Kyriakakis has been shedding light on the world of optogenetics since his undergraduate days at UMass Boston. With his experience in Dr. Alexey Veraksa's developmental biology lab and his continued work at UCSD, you could say he’s adept at “shining light” on complex scientific ideas.

Come prepared with your most thought-provoking questions, and learn a bit about the man behind the light switch. You might just learn something new about optogenetic tools and related technologies and a laugh or two.

See you there~

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